Your simple way to convert video, audio and images

With Media Converter Flex, you can easily convert your .mov files and all other kinds of videos into the mp4 file format.

Also use the intuitive app to convert audio files, convert audio to video, convert images, and do even more with your media files!


Convert videos and audio files from various file sources. Convert one file or a lot of files in just one step!

Easy to use

The app offers a non-cluttered, easy-to-use interface. You don't have to worry about tons of settings - it's all set for you.

No subscription, no ads

With a one-time purchase, you can access all the features. Also, no ads and no tracking software is used, so it's a real delight to use.

Convert your videos to MP4

iPad screen recordings, videos from some video editing apps and the files from your ancient camcorder all come in formats which are not really compatible with cloud services, LMS and video playback apps on all platforms.

Convert any video file

Convert a video from your Photo Library, from your SD card or any cloud service. If you can find the video file in the Files App, you can convert it with Media Converter Flex.

Every conversion happens offline to protect your privacy.

Reduce file sizes and resolutions

Video files can be huge – sometimes too large even to share on social media!

With a simple slider, you can adjust the desired file size and conversion speed. Your new video can be up to 10x smaller than the original file! Also, it’s easy to change the resolution of your video to 1080p or 720p.

Convert up to 300 videos in one step

For every type of conversion, you can pick up to 300 videos, audio files or images from your Photos Library or from a file location to convert them in one simple step. Select your media, grab a cup of coffee and go.

Extract the audio track from a video

Sometimes, you have got a video but all you need is the audio track.

With Media Converter Flex, you can extract the audio from a video and save it in a mp3 file in seconds.

Convert a voice memo to mp3

When you want to upload or share voice memos or voice recordings to a cloud or LMS, it’s best to use a standard file format like mp3.

Media Converter Flex converts m4a files to mp3.

Record & upload to your LMS

Spoken information and verbal assignments can make the digital classroom more personal and engaging, and they are vital for foreign language as well as inclusive classes.

In the app, you can quickly record your voice and save the recording as a mp3 file ready for upload to moodle and other LMS. Record, save, drag & drop!

You can also optionally enter a file name to quickly identify your files. This makes uploading voice feedback in moodle assignments every fast and convenient.

Convert audio to video

Sometimes, you need a video file which should actually only play audio. Usually, creating video from audio requires multiple steps and a dedicated video editing app – what a hassle!

With Media Converter Flex, you simply select the audio file you want to convert and the app does the rest for you. Just wait a few moments and what you can is a video file including a beautiful poster image.

Convert your images and reduce file sizes

When you need an image or photo in certain file format or a smaller file size, you can use the simple interface of Media Converter Flex to convert up to 300 images in one step. Just select the desired file format, change the quality to optionally reduce the file size and pick the images you want to convert. As usual, you can convert images from your Photo Library or from any file location like cloud or external storage.

Easily share, copy & upload

Your converted file is stored locally on your iPad.

No cloud quota or upload bandwith is used when you convert your videos.

From the Files App, you can easily share your files to wherever you want: share them via your social media app of choice, copy them to an external USB drive or upload them to your favourite cloud service or LMS.

Of course, you can simple use the share functionality of your device to quickly send a file, integrate it into a notebook or post it in a group messaging app.

This is how tools should be: a task is completed as expected and without any problems. No silly additions, no advertising and no trackers.
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Thanks for the terrific app. Clearly arranged, easy to use. Great tool.
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